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Divorce Lawyer in Milford, & Bridgeport, CT

Helping Families and Individuals Through Life’s Transitions
Family legal matters are draining—emotionally, mentally, and physically. The uncertainty and anxiety that surrounds these situations can be hard to handle—but not if you have the right team of attorneys by your side.

Gans & Gans Family Law Attorneys is a divorce lawyer and probate lawyer serving Milford, CT and Bridgeport, CT. We are valued for our client-centered conflict resolution tactics, which minimize the turmoil, time, and expense of these matters, enabling clients to move forward in a positive direction.

Serving Our Clients' Family Law Needs for Over 25 Years
Divorce Lawyer Milford, CT & Bridgeport, CT
We concentrate on helping individuals and families with family law concerns. Our family practice centers on issues such as:
In addition, we help unmarried parents, same sex couples, and other unconventional clients with issues involving civil unions, child custody, child support, or other family law needs.

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Divorce Lawyer Milford & Bridgeport, CT

Experienced Divorce, Alimony & Probate Lawyers

Serving Milford, Bridgeport & All of Fairfield and New Haven Counties

Our divorce lawyers provide informative guidance so that you understand the options and the process for moving forward. We guide you through the legal process as your life and the life of your family changes.

If you are in need of a probate lawyer, alimony lawyer, or divorce lawyer, schedule a free consultation with our experienced family law attorneys.
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Bridgeport & Milford, CT's Top Alimony Lawyers

Connecticut law allows courts to order spousal support or alimony after a divorce. Alimony consists of money paid from husband to wife or wife to husband. Alimony may be temporary or permanent and can be paid in a lump sum or in regular payments.

A judge may set alimony at any amount, and because of this, it is in the interest of both spouses to agree on a maintenance amount privately. The alimony attorneys at Gans and Gans Family Law have solid mediation and negotiation experience to represent your needs and provide a strong and objective position from which to arrive at a fair maintenance amount. If our attempts to negotiate on your behalf are not successful, our attorneys will take your case to the next level and represent you in court.
Divorce and Alimony Lawyer Milford, CT

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