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Bridgeport, CT is located on Long Island Sound in the southwest corner of the state. It is home to a population of 144,000 people according to the 2010 census. The city of Bridgeport is part of the Greater New York City Combined Statistical Area and the fifth largest city in New England. The first recorded settlement in Bridgeport was in 1659, however, the city was not chartered until 1836. Although Bridgeport, CT was once a thriving industrial center, today it has largely transformed to a service based economy with its two largest employers being St. Vincent’s Medical Center and Bridgeport Hospital. 
Divorce Lawyer Bridgeport, CT

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Gans & Gans Law firm is proud to call Bridgeport, CT home. We are honored to service the citizens of Bridgeport, CT, and have been providing exceptional legal service to the Bridgeport community for over 25 years. We specialize in divorce, child custody, post-decree modifications, property matters and other family law. Our number one focus is our clients and their family, as we value conflict resolution tactics and attempt to minimize turmoil as much as possible. Call us today for a consultation.

Divorce Law

When you go through a divorce it can be a highly emotional time for both parties involved. Our dedicated divorce attorneys always approach cases with objectivity, which allows us to focus solely on representing your best interests throughout negotiations and even trial. Our highly experienced team can help with everything from child custody to alimony, and even consults unmarried couples.

Alimony Law

Switching from two combined income streams down to one can be difficult, especially when it comes to managing the bills, mortgage, and other expenses following a divorce. At Gans & Gans, our dedicated alimony attorneys work closely with clients to help them resolve their alimony issues, and fight for their best interests in trial if necessary. We understand that the discussion of alimony between two recently separated parties can ignite emotions. This is why we remain detached from an emotional standpoint and focus only on getting you the best outcome possible.

Probate Law

Do you need legal expertise for probate matters? Gans & Gans probate attorneys provide representation for clients in areas including adoption, guardianship, visitation, paternity, and other probate matters. Our team understands that sometimes family law cases can stir up emotions, which is why we maintain our professionalism and neutral prospective throughout our time working on the case. This ensures that we can provide unbiased counsel and focus only on the best interests of our client.
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