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About Milford, CT

Originally settled in 1639, the city of Milford is located northeast of Bridgeport on the southern coast of the state of Connecticut. With over 14 miles of shoreline facing the Long Island Sound and a cost of living lower than the average for CT, Milford has become an attractive destination for families. Gans & Gans has been serving clients in Milford and surrounding areas for years, and prides ourselves in the help we are able to provide the local community. If you are in Milford and need a qualified family attorney, get in touch with us today!
Divorce Lawyer Milford, CT

Legal Services We Provide

Gans & Gans has been providing child custody, divorce, alimony reconciliation, probate, and other family law services to the greater Milford area for years. Our highly specialized team are not only highly experience, but are also able to be completely detached emotionally from the case. This means that all of our choices are made to best serve our clients, and most importantly, are totally impartial. In an area of law where emotions are apt to run high, this is incredibly important for not only good decision making, but for effectively working towards the best outcome for the client. Gans & Gans is a small firm (comprised of two attorneys), but we offer all of the services larger firms provide, and can also give our clients the highly focused individual attention they need as they work through this difficult time.

Probate Lawyer

Gans & Gans Family Law Attorney is very familiar with all aspects of family law, including probate court. We work with clients in the greater Connecticut area, including Milford, CT, and assist with everything from adoption to paternity matters. For more information on the services that our probate lawyers offer, please visit our probate court page. If you wish to contact us regarding paternity actions, name changes, or any of our other services, please give us a call today!

Divorce & Alimony Lawyer

Gans & Gans Law firm is proud to serve the Milford, CT region. We have been providing exceptional legal service to the Milford community for over two decades. We practice divorce, child custody, alimony and other family law. Our number one priority is our clients and their family. Our goal is to utilize conflict resolution tactics and minimize turmoil. Call Gans & Gans Family Law Attorneys today for a free consultation.

About Gans & Gans

Gans & Gans have been providing family law help to clients in Milford, CT and throughout the surrounding areas. Our office is located in Bridgeport, but we would love to hear from you if you are seeking legal counsel, no matter where you are located in Connecticut! Get in touch with us via the number below or reach us through our contact form for a consultation!
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