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Paternity is a legal process which determines who is the biological father of a child. For married couples, paternity is assumed at birth. However, for unmarried parents, paternity must be determined through a voluntary affidavit of parentage or through a paternity action. Paternity establishes rights and obligations pertaining to many issues, such as:
  • Child custody rights 
  • Parenting time/visitation 
  • Child support 
  • Reimbursement for maternity/pregnancy hospital costs 
  • Life insurance 
  • Other financial responsibility 
Paternity grants rights to mothers, fathers, and children. While a judgment of paternity may enable a father to have the right to parenting time or other parental rights, it also enables an unwed mother and child the right to collect child support. As experienced family law attorneys, we are able to help families on either side of paternity actions, either pursuing or contesting paternity.

Connecticut lawmakers have determined that once a child has reached a certain age, it is unfair to the child for paternity to be contested. If you are concerned about paternity, it is crucial to take prompt action to obtain a DNA paternity test.
Paternity Legal Services
Paternity Legal Services Bridgeport & Milford, CT


Adoption can be wonderful—but the process can be overwhelming. At Gans & Gans, we guide families through the intricate stages of family adoptions. We work to minimize any stress or frustration associated with the process.

While adoption is a very rewarding process for many, it can be very tense for other families. We have the experience and compassion to handle all family circumstances and lead your family through the process. We assist clients with the following:
  • Termination of parental rights: The initial stages of every adoption begin with the termination of the biological parents' parental rights.

  • Step-parent adoptions: Newly remarried couples often pursue step-parent adoptions in order to give the child full opportunity of health insurance and other rights of the step-parent.

  • Family adoptions: Grandparent adoptions or other family adoptions may be necessary to protect a child from harm or keep the child out of foster care. 
In addition, we offer advice and assistance to families in navigating the paperwork and other legal issues involved in other adoptions, such as private adoptions, agency adoptions, or international adoptions.
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Guardianships enable a person other than a child's biological parent to have authority over the physical care of the child and the many decisions that arise when caring for the child. 

As experienced family lawyers, we help clients understand guardianships and assist with guardianships for minors or the elderly who have become incapacitated. There are many factors which may create a need for guardianship over a child, such as:
  • The death of biological parents 
  • The parent has drug abuse problems 
  • The parent is alcohol-dependant or has another chemical dependency
  • The child has been subject to child abuse or neglect  
  • The parent is in jail  
  • The parent is suffering from serious disease or mental illness and is incapable of caring for the child
Through the establishment of a guardianship, the guardian would have the ability to make decisions regarding healthcare and schooling, provide health insurance for the child, accept child support payments, and manage other essentials to care for the child. 

Over 25 Years of Experience Guiding You Through the Process

We help grandparents and other family members make an application for guardianship through the Probate Court and address any questions or concerns they may have throughout the process. We help clients establish guardianships to protect the best interests of the child and enable the family to provide the best care possible.

While many guardianship applications are voluntarily agreed upon by the biological parents, we handle both contested and uncontested guardianships. In addition, we have the trial skills and experience to provide advocacy to parents and support their position that a guardianship is not in the child's best interest.
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Grandparents’ Rights

Spending time with grandparents is an essential element of growing up. When a relationship is hindered by divorce or other legal matters, Gans & Gans can help restore it.

Connecticut Grandparents' Rights

In Connecticut, courts do not typically award grandparents custody of their grandchild. However grandparent visitation rights are granted in certain situations. Two factors are examined:
  • Prior relationship: The grandparent must have had a previous relationship with the grandchild in order to be eligible for visitation time. 
  • Controversy: There must be a current legal action pending involving a controversy between the parents. This could allow the grandparents to intervene. 
Our attorneys assess the specific facts of each situation and inform clients of their rights based upon those facts. We offer advice and guidance helping clients make informed decisions of how to move forward with their cases. 

If you need help with any of the above legal matters, call Gans & Gans at 203-916-1943 today.
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