Post-Decree Modifications

Child Support, Visitation, and Custody

Modification of Visitation

As children grow, it is unrealistic to expect that a court order or agreement remain the same.

At the family law firm of Gans & Gans, we provide compassionate, understanding, and experienced guidance to families through the transitions in life. We help clients request modifications, contest modifications, or negotiate modifications in parent access agreements.

Parenting Time Modifications
Alimony Lawyer Bridgeport & Milford, CT
As with the initial implementation of child custody and visitation, any modifications made to parenting time must be in the child's best interests. Modification needs could be the result of changes in custody, drug abuse problems, alcohol dependency, child abuse, changes in employment, and other individual family concerns. Although modification needs are very family-specific, child visitation or access modifications may involve:
  • Increasing/decreasing parenting time 
  • Denying parent access rights
  • Modifying custody and transferring access rights to the non-custodial parent  
  • Modifying child support

Talk to a qualified alimony attorney about necessary modifications

Modifications of Alimony & Child Support

Loss of a job, purchase of rental properties, or other changes that impact income should also impact alimony or child support payments. Likewise, modifications in parenting time, job rehabilitation, marriage, or other lifestyle changes may also impact rights and responsibilities involving support payments. The lawyers at Gans & Gans have the knowledge and experience to provide clients with the informative guidance they need involving modifications of support.

Modification of Child Support
Alimony Lawyer Bridgeport, CT
The child support guidelines set a strict formula for determining child support payments. Based upon the number of children and the income of both parties, child support payments should be within 15% of the guideline. Deviations of greater or less than 15% may trigger a modification of child support.

Modification of Alimony

Alimony (also known as spousal maintenance or spousal support) is based strictly upon what is fair. While there is not a set formula for determining alimony, courts use a set of factors for determining alimony. When a significant change occurs, such as change in income, cohabitation, or remarriage, the courts use the same factors to determine if the current alimony is fair or requires adjustment.

Contempt, Enforcement, Alimony, Child Custody & More!

When an individual willfully violates family court orders, the individual is held responsible. At Gans & Gans, our attorneys are knowledgeable about Connecticut contempt laws. Our experience and understanding of these laws enables us to provide advocacy and guidance to clients with court order enforcement concerns.

Issues such as failure to obtain life insurance, refusal to sell a house, failure to provide health insurance, or failure to allocate shares of retirement funds can make a significant impact. We handle all forms of contempt cases, such as those involving:
Alimony Lawyer Bridgeport, CT
  • Enforcement of child custody orders 
  • Enforcement of visitation/parenting time 
  • Enforcement of alimony/spousal support 
  • Enforcement of child support  
  • Enforcement of other court orders  
  • Connecticut contempt proceedings
Any court order, or portion of a court order, that is not being complied with can be enforced through a contempt proceeding. When a petition for enforcement is received by the court, a trial will be held to assess the situation. An individual can be held in contempt if the orders were willfully violated. An individual who is found in contempt may face incarceration, court costs, liability for reimbursement of legal fees, and other penalties.

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